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    Welcome to Le Juge TI


    Having highlit by Robert H. Van GULIK, the judge Dee is a historical figure of dynasty T'ang. He lived from the year 630 to year 700 of our epoch and became famous for his remarkable capacity to disentangle complex criminal cases. He had an important influence moreover and was a state man who marked by her intelligence and its courage this period of History Chinese.

    Robert H. Van GULIK chose this figure as the writing of several police novels in Chinese "fashion".
    It is a particular style, in which the psychological aspect, the description of the different protagonists, the interlocking of several business give a very engaging and particular tone in the novel. Although it is about a work of invention, the author was partly based on historical elements because he was a remarkable sinologist doubled by a novelist and by a talented graphic designer.

    It is these elements which encouraged me to create this site, so that the internauts can also discover - or to rediscover - this man tying, and make acquaintance with his "first lieutenants", the henchmen of the courts of his successive posts and the men and women of China which saw it living.


    I hope, this site can lead you to read or to reread the inquiries of the judge Dee Jen-tsie, to savour this ballade in ancient China...



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